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Code 90061202
nylon cordura green backpack with two zippered pockets, large zippered central compartment, mesh breathable back support, adjustable padded reinforced ...

  Availability 1 Pcs€ 35,00
VAT included
Backpack Ferrino X Ride 10 liters light running and bike
Code 90075513
ultra-light, compact backpack designed for bike and running activites. the back of the backpack has a vertical extension of 47 cm to guarantee excelle ...

  Availability 2 Pcs€ 55,00
VAT included
Backpack Ferrino X Track 15 liters ultralight black running
Code 90075520
ultralight ergonomic backpack for trailrunners. perfect stability and load distribution thanks to roomy pockets on the waist belt. two flask pockets o ...

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 58,00
VAT included
Backpack Ferrino Zephyr 20 liters light blue light for trekking
Code 90075407
backpack in light blue nylon fabric. ideal for running, mountain biking and trekking. volume of 17 liters expandable by 3 liters by zip. the back, sh ...

  Availability 2 Pcs€ 81,00
VAT included
Backpack hunting Delfiero natural leather
Code 90071362
backpack in leather. equipped with the front two zippered pockets and an inside zip pocket. height 40 cm, maximum 50 cm width, adjustable thickness th ...

  Availability 2 Pcs€ 280,00
VAT included
Backpack Korps assault nylon
Code 90072291
25 liter tactical backpack. it equipped with two zippered compartments with internal zip pocket and with the network. with two front zippered pockets ...

More Details
  Availability 17 Pcs€ 37,00
VAT included
Basket basket Delfiero in wicker for mushrooms with knife
Code 90079832
wicker basket with cover in camouflage fabric opening with velcro and removable. the mushroom knife is included. blade length 7 cm, total open length ...

  Availability 19 Pcs€ 58,00
VAT included
Bastone in castagno con punta in metallo da tartufi
Code 90079641
chestnut stick with metal tip. ideal for truffle picking. length 98.5 cm. tip length 5.5 cm.

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 25,00
VAT included
Beretta 692 backpack black BS5610308
Code 90079078
backpack with padded interior walls. with laptop compartment and internal organization. equipped with two large side pockets, one of which acts as a c ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 118,00
VAT included
Beretta Backpack 35 liters Modular
Code 90072918
backpack lightweight polyester, not tear. modular system to configure the backpack with different modular bags (for carabine, bag for binoculars, etc. ...

  Availability 2 Pcs€ 110,00
VAT included
Beretta Backpack 65 liters Modular
Code 90072345
backpack lightweight polyester, not tear. modular system to configure the backpack with different modular bags (for carabine, bag for binoculars, etc. ...

  Availability 1 Pcs€ 157,00
VAT included
Code 90053702
resistent waterproof backpack with main large zippered compartment, inner pocket ideal for mobile phone, glasses, cards, keys. then large gun pocket w ...

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 62,00
VAT included
Beretta in green nylon backpack 10 liters
Code 90072307
green nylon backpack with a large central compartment with zipper and several inside pockets. on the front there are two zippered pockets, two mesh po ...

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 65,00
VAT included
Beretta Transformer BS681A trolley bag
Code 90079399
trolley in water repellent and scratch resistant polyester. lockable with padlock (not included). telescopic handle with three positions. elastic stra ...

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 220,00
VAT included
Beretta Uniform Pro Daily backpack blue BSH8000189054V
Code 90079092
padded backpack with two inside pockets in 100% polyester. with zipper, two side pockets with mesh. adjustable padded straps and carrying handle. padd ...

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 73,00
VAT included
Black nylon backpack Royal
Code 90070242
backpack with four zippered compartments. back with five padded ear cushions for extra comfort. adjustable and padded shoulder straps, carrying handle ...

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 44,00
VAT included
Code 90053603
canvas backpack with central two-way zip nylon washable lining compartment, inner pocket and inner small wallet zippered pocket, two side accessories ...

  Availability 3 Pcs€ 32,00
VAT included
Code 90057137
canvas multi-purpose bag. the main compartment is large, zippered, washable nylon lining (you can use it like a game bag) and with an inner zippered d ...

  Availability 8 Pcs€ 23,00
VAT included
Code 90057144
canvas hunting sling pack with large main two-way zip nylon washable lining compartment used as a game bag, rear pocket, two front zippered compartmen ...

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 25,00
VAT included
Cesta Delfiero chestnut mushroom with shoulder strap
Code 90077326
half-oval chestnut wood basket with camouflage canvas flap and zip closure. equipped with adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. dimensions: height ...

  Availability 7 Pcs€ 65,00
VAT included
Chestnut stick with rubber tip for walking
Code 90079634
chestnut stick with rubber tip. length 96 cm.

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 25,00
VAT included
Delfiero hunting backpack in leather
Code 90078262
brown leather backpack. equipped on the front with two zippered pockets and an inside pocket. height 40 cm, maximum width 50 cm, thickness adjustable ...

  Availability 1 Pcs€ 350,00
VAT included
Delfiero large wicker basket backpack for mushrooms 39x29H31 cm with shoulder strap
Code 90080067
with shoulder strap

  Availability 8 Pcs€ 39,00
VAT included
Delfiero medium wicker basket backpack for mushrooms 33x23,5H27,5 cm with shoulder strap
Code 90080050
with lining.

  Availability 8 Pcs€ 28,00
VAT included
Delfiero mesh bag for mushrooms truffles
Code 90077036
green mesh bag with shoulder strap for carrying. width 37.5 cm, height 43.5 cm. produced in italy.

  Availability 42 Pcs€ 10,00
VAT included
Delfiero small wicker basket backpack for mushrooms 28x18H25 cm with shoulder strap
Code 90080043
with shoulder strap and lining.

  Availability 8 Pcs€ 25,00
VAT included
Ferrino Core 30 liter lightweight blue backpack for free time
Code 90075537
multi-purpose backpack with padded back, complete with lots of pockets for perfecty organised carrying. pockets: frontal; side and front in mesh; inte ...

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 52,00
VAT included
Ferrino Transalp 80 liter backpack in blue and yellow
Code 90080128
very robust blue and yellow trekking backpack with multiple pockets in jacquard weave 500d, double access to the central and lower part. the extension ...

  Availability 2 Pcs€ 144,00
VAT included
Ferrino X Easy baby carrier with water bottle holder
Code 90075391
red polyamide bag with anatomic shape, equipped with water bottle holder (capacity 1 liter). water bottle not included. parts in contact with the body ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 25,00
VAT included
Ferrino Zephyr backpack 25 liters black for trekking
Code 90079115
backpack in black nylon fabric. ideal for running, mountain biking and trekking. volume of 22 liters expandable by 3 liters via hinge. the back, the ...

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 97,00
VAT included
Ferrino Zephyr backpack 25 liters yellow for trekking
Code 90079108
backpack in yellow nylon fabric. ideal for running, mountain biking and trekking. volume of 22 liters expandable by 3 liters via hinge. the back, the ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 89,00
VAT included
Fulpa mushroom backpack in green nylon
Code 90079443
green nylon fiber backpack. indicated for mushroom picking, with a reticulated bottom for spore release and reinforced by a metal support. central co ...

  Availability 0 Pcs€ 38,00
VAT included
Green nylon backpack for mushrooms with Ra Sport wicker basket
Code 90053634
gerla for the transport of mushrooms in chestnut wood. equipped with a backpack that contains it. upholstered back with back cushion. quick release st ...

  Availability 0 Pcs€ 64,00
VAT included
Green nylon backpack with mushroom basket
Code 90077197
backpack with basket made of wicker tapes that makes it particularly light. dimensions: height 33 cm, maximum width 23 cm. equipped on the front of a ...

  Availability 0 Pcs€ 48,00
VAT included
Hardwearing trekking Ferrino Transalp 60 lady
Code 90075186
hardwearing trekking backpack with lots of features, double center and botton access. an extremely pratical and comfortable adjustment system using a ...

  Availability 2 Pcs€ 142,00
VAT included
Hunting bag with mushroom truffels net
Code 90079498
light green canvas bag with net on the bottom. ideal for both mushroom and truffles picking and fishing. zip closure. carrying handles. equipped with ...

  Availability 10 Pcs€ 10,00
VAT included
Code 90049330
this backpack is with large zippered compartment, three front zippered pockets, a mesh pocket, padded adjustable straps. dimensions: length cm 43, w ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 26,00
VAT included
Code 90048401
length cm 45, width cm 22, thickness cm 25. it is with hydration system, two large zippered compartments, two large external pockets, inner pockets, ...

  Availability 5 Pcs€ 48,00
VAT included
Code 90080029
nylon backpack with light wicker pannier, front pocket with transparent window, small and large pocket, two side large snap pockets, padded back suppo ...

  Availability 0 Pcs€ 48,00
VAT included
Nylon camo mushroom backpack with Ra Sport wicker basket
Code 90077234
mushroom backpack in nylon color camo with removable wicker basket. equipped with a large front zipper pocket and two side pockets. adjustable shoulde ...

  Availability 0 Pcs€ 64,00
VAT included
Olimpic shoulder bag for mushrooms
Code 90080036
camouflage nylon bag with adjustable shoulder strap. full zip opening. equipped with retina in the bottom and in the upper part. on the front there is ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 42,00
VAT included
Code 90053610
resistant canvas backpack with central two-way zip compartment, rear washable nylon lining, inner zippered document pocket. then on the bottom straps ...

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 36,00
VAT included
Royal tactical backpack in desert-colored nylon
Code 90077791
tactical backpack made of durable nylon with both internal and external spring system. padded and meshed back for optimal comfort. equipped with a lar ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 40,00
VAT included
Set of 3 baskets in walnut and natural wicker for mushrooms
Code 90079948
set of 3 round baskets in two colors, walnut and natural, for mushrooms. measurements from the largest to the smallest: 36xh20 / 44 cm, 27xh18 / 38, 2 ...

  Availability 4 Pcs€ 42,00
VAT included
Tactical Backpack Green Nylon Hexagon
Code 90070235
tactical backpack made of durable nylon with double stitched seams and springs system performed laser cutting. padded back and screened for optimum co ...

  Availability 6 Pcs€ 48,00
VAT included
Code 82013851
cordura dupont backpack with two pockets. capacity of 15 liters . dimensions: cm 34x 28 x 12. colour: olive green.

  Availability 1 Pcs€ 65,00
VAT included
Code 82110413
tactical nylon backpack with capacity of 45 litres, padded anatomical breathable back support, padded shoulder and lumbar straps, loops mb2 and 2p51 h ...

  Availability 1 Pcs€ 224,00
VAT included
Code 82114879
padded back panel, lateral restraining straps and upper straps for added load stability. padded and anatomic waist belt and adjustable shoulder straps ...

More Details
  Availability 1 Pcs€ 110,00
VAT included
Code 82114886
mission large rucksack in nylon. padded shoulder straps. drag/carry ribbon handle on the top and on the side. main compartment with zip closure an ...

More Details
  Availability 2 Pcs€ 199,00
VAT included
Code 82113377
cordura backpack with padded highly resistant transpirant back support, five external different pockets, large inner compartment with four pockets. c ...

More Details
  Availability 1 Pcs€ 100,00
VAT included


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